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Twilight - Score OST

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Titulo: Twilight - Score OST

OST Tipo: Movies

Editor: Atlantic

Compositor: Carter Burwell

Num. discos: 1

Num. Canciones: 21

Fecha de publicacion: 09/12/2008

Hits: 5456


  • 01 - How Would I Die
  • 02 - Who Are They?
  • 03 - Treaty
  • 04 - Phascination Phase
  • 05 - Humans Are Predators Too
  • 06 - I Dreamt of Edward
  • 07 - I Know What You Are
  • 08 - The Most Dangerous Predator
  • 09 - The Skin Of A Killer
  • 10 - The Lion Fell In Love With A Lamb
  • 11 - Complications
  • 12 - Dinner With His Family
  • 13 - I Would Be The Meal
  • 14 - Bellas Lullaby
  • 15 - Nomads
  • 16 - Stuck Here Like Mom
  • 17 - Bella Is Part Of The Family
  • 18 - Tracking
  • 19 - In Place Of Someone You Love
  • 20 - Showdown In The Ballet Studio
  • 21 - Edward At Her Bed

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