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Persona 3 Portable OST

Download Cover for OST Persona 3 Portable OST

OST Information

Title: Persona 3 Portable OST

OST Type: Games

Nb Disks: 1

Nb Tracks: 10

Duration: 25:44

Release Date: 25/11/2009

Hits: 33030


  • 01 - Soul Phrase (1:34)
  • 02 - A Way of Life (2:20)
  • 03 - hookago (2:19)
  • 04 - Time (2:48)
  • 05 - Wiping All Out (2:39)
  • 06 - Sun (2:16)
  • 07 - yasashii kimochi (2:08)
  • 08 - Danger Zone (2:51)
  • 09 - Soul Phrase -long ver.- (3:00)
  • 10 - Way of Life -Deep inside my mind Remix- (3:49)

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Thanks, man

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Your persona 3 portable isn't working :(

6. Post by Shinji (28/09/2010 18:09)

Links dead ):

8. Post by Julio (29/04/2012 13:26)

This website is dead. All the links are dead, or else available only on Megaupload, wich is also dead. I wish the owner of the site would at least show some life and notice that.

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