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Mukodono OST

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OST Information

Title: Mukodono OST

OST Type: Dramas

Nb Disks: 1

Nb Tracks: 17

Release Date: 06/06/2001

Hits: 5882


  • 01 - From living room
  • 02 - The pink room
  • 03 - No need to worry
  • 04 - Kizuna
  • 05 - Yakusoku
  • 06 - 7TRUTHS 7LIES~Va - Jinro - Do no Kanata de (Instrumental Version)
  • 07 - Funny
  • 08 - Under a cloud
  • 09 - Nostalgie
  • 10 - From living room (Orchestra Version)
  • 11 - Empty glass
  • 12 - Silver egg
  • 13 - Hida Mari
  • 14 - No need to worry (Orchestra Version)
  • 15 - Kaisou
  • 16 - Kizuna (p.f. Solo Version)
  • 17 - Hitori bocchi no haburashi (Orchestra Version)

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