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Black Lagoon OST

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OST Information

Title: Black Lagoon OST

OST Type: Animes

Editor: Geneon Enternainement

Compositor: EDISON, Suzuki Yoshihisa, The Mad Council, Minako Obata, breath frequency

Artist: MELL

Nb Disks: 1

Nb Tracks: 29

Release Date: 30/08/2006

Hits: 8426


  • 01 - Red Fraction
  • 02 - Tear Drops to Earth
  • 03 - Asian Confort
  • 05 - Samara Samanda
  • 06 - A Cold Wind in my Mind
  • 07 - Make a Bet
  • 08 - El Sol se Recuesta
  • 09 - Seasonal Wind
  • 10 - 66 Steps
  • 11 - The World of Midnight
  • 12 - Dark Side of the Moon
  • 13 - Tadpole Dance
  • 14 - Let me Know your Name
  • 15 - After the Rain
  • 17 - Behind the Clouds
  • 18 - Hakujin Shakai Shugi Danketsu Tou Uta
  • 19 - Melting Brain
  • 20 - The Way to Last Night
  • 21 - Peach Headz Addiction
  • 25 - Foxy Doll
  • 26 - Rock the Carnaval
  • 27 - Mad Club

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